The dog beaches in Wisconsin are some of the best places to take your furry friend for a swim. What better way is there to enjoy the summer season than by taking your pup on a stroll down one of these sandy beaches? The dogs love it, and you will too!

Wisconsin is a dog-friendly state, with many beaches in the area that are open for dogs to enjoy. We have rounded up some of the top spots where you can take your pup this summer. Check out our list below!

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Wisconsin Dog Beach Rules

And as harsh as it sounds, if you don’t follow the rules then your dog could be asked to leave by a lifeguard or a park ranger.

Not only that, but many cities have specific guidelines for where dogs can go at their local dog parks. So if you’re new to the game or visiting a neighbor that’s on vacation then it’s important to know all of the dog park rules before entering for the first time.

This can help avoid any unnecessary problems, and keep everyone happy. And lastly, even though some dogs don’t fight, there are some precautions you should take just in case a fight does break out.

Some general rules to follow at any dog park or beach include:

  1. Keep your dog on a leash until it’s clear they’re playing well with other dogs. This is especially important if your dog is new to the game, and even more so if your dog is of a breed that is known to be aggressive.
  2. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all of their shots and vaccinations, especially rabies. This is for the safety of both your dog and other dogs at the park or beach.
  3. If your dog does happen to get into a fight with another dog, break it up as quickly as possible. If there are other people around, have them help you so the dogs don’t turn on you.
  4. Always remember to pick up after your dog at a park or beach! Use one of the many poop bag dispensers located throughout parks and beaches for this purpose. And if your city doesn’t have a dedicated dog beach, then you can bring a plastic bag with you to pick up after your pet.
  5. Make sure your dog doesn’t get overheated during the summer time by bringing plenty of water and applying sunscreen on any exposed skin. This is important for every breed regardless if they have short or long hair, but especially for dogs with thin or short hair because they can get a sunburn just like people. You can find sunscreen for dogs online or at a local pet supply store.
  6. Always have an escape plan in case of sudden weather changes, especially thunderstorms. If your dog doesn’t do well with loud noises then you may want to leave earlier than later if there is a storm coming through the area. And lastly, never leave your dog unattended at a park or beach.

Because each city is different, it’s best to check your local government website or contact your local Parks and Recreation department to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.