When people think of Iowa, they don’t usually picture a beach. However, the state actually has hundreds of miles of coastline along it’s lakes and rivers, and some of them have designated dog beaches. Beaches are perfect for dog owners who are looking to take their pup out for some fresh air and playtime. For some great beaches in Iowa that are pet-friendly check out the following list.

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Where are the best dog beaches in Iowa?

There are plenty of great dog beaches located along the Mississippi River and along many of the lakes and rivers in Iowa. Some of the best include Lake MacBride Beach near Cedar Rapids, Buffalo Shores Beach near Davenport, Devil’s Glen Park near Bettendorf, and Racoon River Swimming beach near Des Moines.

Are dogs allowed on all beaches in Iowa?

Dogs are allowed at some beaches and not others, and many have specific details on whether dogs can be allowed or not. For example, dogs are only allowed on the beach of Lake Macbride from October 1 through March 31 as long as they are leashed and properly licensed. Dogs are allowed at most beaches as long as they are on-leash at all times. It can be difficult to find off-leash dog beaches.

What are some rules for taking my dog to a dog beach?

Some beaches have specific rules in place regarding dogs, so it is important to check before you head there. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated, all dogs must wear their rabies tag to prove their vaccine status,  owners must keep their dogs under control, and minors under 18 must be supervised. Owners are responsible for removing all feces from the beach before they leave.

What should I know about bringing my dog to a dog beach?

While you can’t always bring your family to a dog beach, it is still important to follow rules that apply to both dogs and humans. For example, it is illegal to bring alcohol onto the beach for both dogs and humans. It is also illegal to drive on the sand; this law applies to everyone, not just dogs.

Are there off-leash dog beaches in Iowa?

There are very few off-leash dog beaches in Iowa because of specific rules in many cities.