North Dakota

It’s not just beaches along the coast that are filled with dogs. North Dakota also has dog beaches, which are surprisingly popular among locals and tourists alike. Many can be found within a short drive of North Dakota’s biggest cities, or along the many reservoirs, rivers and streams that crisscross the state. Here is a list of the best North Dakota dog beaches that the state has to offer.

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North Dakota Dog Beach FAQs

What kind of dogs can go to the beach?

All kinds. The only requirement is that they know how to swim and are friendly with other dogs that will be at the dog beach.

What should I bring to a dog beach?

Bring a towel, your dog’s food and water bowls, some toys for the dogs to play with, sunscreen for yourself and your dog(s), a tennis ball or frisbee.

What do I need to watch out for at a dog beach?

Don’t throw toys that have squeakers in them or else other dogs may want to take the toy from your dog, which can create conflict and scuffles, even if the dogs are normally well behaved.

What are some common dog beach rules?

Don’t let your dog(s) bully other dogs at the beach, especially if they are small or older dogs. Don’t leave your dog(s) unattended at the beach – make sure someone is watching them and make sure they aren’t bothering other people on the beach. Always clean up after your dog, and bring poop bags with you to the beach.

Where are the best dog beaches in North Dakota?

Beaches can be found everywhere – many are not official beaches, but are a great place to bring your dog. If you want to socialize your dog with other friendly dogs, taking them to an official dog beach is a great place to go. Refer to our list above for a list of dog beaches in North Dakota.