If you’ve ever dreamed of enjoying the sun and sand with your furry friend, Oklahoma has some great options for you to explore. There are numerous dog beaches in Oklahoma where dogs can enjoy swimming, play fetch on the beach, or just relax while their owners read a book! The best part about visiting these beaches is that they are all free and open year-round. So grab your pup and get ready for an afternoon at the beach!

K9 Training Institute

Dog Beach Tips

Establish a good base

When you and your dog get to the beach, pick a place to set up shop. You might want to bring an umbrella or other shade structure, towels to dry off with, toys for fetch (water toys don’t sink!), plastic bags (clean-up duty), sunscreen (for both of you), and a towel for your dog to sit on.

Pick up after your dog

we must stress it when we’re talking about dog beaches. You and everyone else at the beach would be upset if you saw a pile of human waste sitting on the sand.  So why should your dog get away with doing that?

Not only can poop make other dogs sick, but it can also harm the environment.  Feces can introduce fecal coliform bacteria, which is detrimental to water quality, and could cause algae blooms and high levels of E. coli in the water.

Don’t Let Your Dog Play Too Rough With Other Dogs

Rough play at a dog park is one thing, but when there’s water involved at a beach it can be dangerous for smaller or more passive dogs. If you notice that your dog is playing too rough with other dogs, remove them from the situation and give them some time to calm down. If another dog is playing too rough with your dog, politely ask the other dog to separate their dog from yours.

Keep an eye on your dog at all times

Just because your dog is good at the beach, doesn’t mean he/she will be good 100% of the time. Keep an eye on them and if they seem to want to do one of these things that are considered bad habits, call them back before they do it!