Dog beaches are a great way for dog lovers to take their furry friends with them on their next vacation. There are many dog beaches in Georgia, including Tybee Island’s famous Dog Beach and the Sandy Creek Park Dog Beach in Savannah. If you’re looking for an off-leash beach experience, look no further than these amazing locations!

The following is a list of dog friendly beaches in Georgia. We believe that your furry friend deserves the opportunity to enjoy sand, surf, and sun just like any other member of your family!

Georgia Dog Beach Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take your dog to the beach?

Yes! There are many great beaches for dogs in Georgia. Remember that dogs should be allowed on most public beaches, but there are some private beaches where dogs are not allowed. Before you go, make sure of the rules and regulations regarding pets on local public beaches. Some areas require dogs to be leashed, some prohibit dogs on the beaches but allow them in parking lots or nearby trails, and some require you to keep your dog away from the dunes. Know the regulations before you go!

Are dog beaches in Georgia free?

Yes, there is rarely an entrance fee for dog beaches in Georgia. However, some popular areas around Savannah and Brunswick require payment for parking near the dog beach, so it is best to carpool if possible to save some money.

What hours do the dog beaches in Georgia stay open?

Dog beaches in Georgia are typically open from about sunrise to sunset, or a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset.

Do dog beaches in Georgia require leashes?

Some do and some do not. For the most part, sparsely populated beaches will not have posted signs regarding dogs. Areas where natural wildlife is present will almost certainly require that you keep your dog leashed. Use common sense and be aware of how your dog would respond to certain situations.