If you’re looking for a fun day out with your dog, then you’ll love Kentucky’s dog beaches. These sandy havens provide plenty of room for dogs to run and play, and they’re the perfect place to soak up some sun with your furry friend. Check out our list of the best dog beaches in Kentucky and get ready for some pawsitively good fun!

K9 Training Institute

Dog Beach Rules

There are some general rules at dog beaches that owners should follow:

  1. Dogs must be leashed unless otherwise indicated
  2. All dogs must have a current rabies vaccination and license
  3. Dogs should not go into the water if they are sick or injured
  4. Clean up after your dog – bring a plastic bag to pick up their waste. Don’t expect that plastic bags will be available at the dog beach.
  5. If you see another dog off leash that is being aggressive, politely ask the owner to put it on, or call the police
  6. Do not feed any other animals besides your own pets while at a dog beach. This includes birds, squirrels, raccoons etc… Feeding these animals can cause them to become aggressive and depend on humans for their future food needs