When the weather starts to warm up, many people in Massachusetts start looking for a place to take their dog to get some exercise. Luckily, there are plenty of great dog beaches in the state where dogs can run and play off leash. Here is a list of some of the best dog beaches in Massachusetts.

Dog Beach Tips

Pick a good time to go

Try to get a sense of when the dog beach will be busiest. You may want to pick a time when there isn’t too much activity at the beach; at least the first few times that you go to the beach, as your dog may be nervous around a large number of dogs if the area is unfamiliar to them.

Wait until 4 months

A dog beach is not an appropriate place for any dog who is younger than 4 months old. The puppies can be overwhelmed by the energy of the older dogs and may not know how to behave, which can lead to injuries. Let them play in a more controlled environment until they are ready for fun times with other dogs at the beach.

Don’t allow your dog to go in the water during the winter.

Just like humans, dogs can get hypothermia if exposed to cold water. The water along the Massachusetts coastline averages below 50 degrees between November and mid-May, which is dangerously cold. If your dog does end up getting wet, be sure to get them out of the elements and warm as quickly as possible.

Pack plenty of water

Dogs cannot drink the ocean water along the Massachusetts coastline, which is why it is critical to bring drinking water and a water bowl every time you go to a dog beach.

Bring plastic bags

It is required to clean up after your dog at all dog beaches in the state of Massachusetts. Before you enter the beach, stop off at a local grocery or convenience store and pick up some extra plastic baggies for collecting your dogs waste. You should not assume that bags will be available at the beach.

Be careful not to overheat your dog.

It’s hard to find shade at Massachusetts beaches, so it’s important to bring an umbrella or some kind of sun protection for your dog. Dogs who are exposed too long to the sun can get heatstroke and serious eye problems. If the weather forecast looks to be unseasonably hot, it’s best to cancel beach plans for that day.