Louisiana may be better known for its alligators and crawfish, but did you know the state has some beautiful dog beaches? From Slidell to Grand Isle, your four-legged friend can splash in the waves and soak up the sun. Here are a few of our favorites. Check out this list of dog beaches in Louisiana, organized by city and region. From North Louisiana to South Louisiana, there’s a perfect spot for you and your pup to enjoy some fun in the sun!

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What’s the difference between a dog beach and regular beaches?

Dog beaches are designated areas where dogs are allowed to swim with their owners off-leash within sight and voice control. They’re often unsupervised, meaning that pet owners must be responsible for watching over their own pets at all times, including keeping them under voice control. In some areas, owners are required to clean up after their dogs and ensure that they don’t disturb the peace.

What is the purpose of a dog beach?

Dog beaches allow dogs to enjoy themselves much like people do at the seaside; they also give owners an opportunity to meet up with other pet owners and socialize their dogs. Some dog beaches are popular destinations for competitions, such as dock jumping or Frisbee catching contests. Be sure to check out the website of the dog beach before going to see if there are any events.

Are there any rules that govern the use of dog beaches?

Yes, most local ordinances in Louisiana require people to clean up after their pets and restrict aggressive dogs from using public areas where they can be in contact with other dogs. In many areas, dogs aren’t allowed to be off-leash unless they’re on a dog beach or designated area.

Which cities in Louisiana have the best dog beaches?

New Orleans, Lafayette and Baton Rouge are Louisiana’s biggest cities and have some of the best dog beaches in the state. Plenty of non-designated lakefronts and riverfronts in the Kisatchi National Forest offer a great place for your dog to splash around in the water. Check out our list of dog beaches in Louisiana above to find a great dog beach near you!