Dog beaches are becoming more popular as a way to give dogs exercise and playtime without the risks of being in public. Dog beaches provide an area where your pet can run free, swim, enjoy waves, sand or grassy areas. Montana has many dog-friendly beaches across the expansive state for you and your pup to explore!

Dog Beach Tips

  1. Bring a leash and dog tag for identification purposes
  2. Check with the lifeguard or look for signs posted by the beach entrance to see if dogs are allowed on the beach before bringing your pup
  3. Find out what time of day is best for you and your dog – morning or afternoon are often the best times to go
  4. Make sure that there is plenty of shade, water, and snacks available to keep both you and your pup happy during their visit
  5. Watch out for other people’s pets – make sure they stay away from yours
  6. Keep an eye on small children who might be tempted to pet strange dogs without asking permission first