When the weather is nice, that means it’s the perfect season to take your furry friend to one of Pennsylvania’s dog beaches. From May through September, it’s not uncommon to see more dogs than people at some Pennsylvania beaches. Luckily for you, there are plenty places in Pennsylvania that offer this opportunity. To help you find the best beach for your pup, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular dog-friendly beaches in Pennsylvania below.

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Many people who want to go to a dog beach along the ocean head over to New Jersey, but there are plenty of dog beaches located along the many rivers and lakes of Pennsylvania.

If you live near Erie, these are some of the best dog beaches that can be found along Lake Erie:

  • Presque Isle Beach
  • Racoon Park
  • Avonia Beach
  • Shorewood Beach
  • Barracks Beach

Dog Beach Etiquette

You should find information posted online regarding dog rules for a specific beach, but it is important to read the rules posted outside the entrance to the beach to get the most up-to-date and accurate rules regarding dogs at the beach. The rules across all Pennsylvania beaches, however, are generally the same.

Be certain that there is a canine-friendly beach. Most beaches allow dogs as long as they are leashed, however there are several across the state that allow dogs to be off-leash. These are generally harder to find – refer to our list above for off-leash dog beaches across Pennsylvania.

Only bring your dog to the beach if they are well trained. It can be frustrating for other beach-goers to see dogs who are not obedient, especially if they are without their owner.

Bring supplies. There’s always a chance the weather will turn on you, so it is good to bring water, food, and poop bags if needed.

Know the local rules. Some beaches, particularly ones that see a large number of visitors, apply seasonal rules – for example, dogs may be allowed on the beaches from Labor Day to Memorial Day, but are not allowed between May and September.

Be prepared. Make sure you have an appropriate leash, enough food/water/poop bags, etc., before leaving your house.

In most cases, only two dogs per person are allowed at dog beaches. This is so that dog owners have complete control of their dogs at all times.

Dog beaches can be a wonderful place to let your canine roam free outside of their home or leash-space. However, it’s important to be responsible and follow the rules. If you do, then everyone can enjoy themselves!