New Mexico

What is it about beaches that attract us? Is it the water, the sun, or maybe just a place to be free and enjoy nature. For some people this could mean going on vacation to be near the ocean. But for those of us who live inland, we can still take advantage of dog friendly beaches! In New Mexico there are many dog friendly beaches where you and your pup can go for a swim in the waves together. Find out all about them here!

K9 Training Institute

Dog Beach Rules

Dog beaches usually have signs posted somewhere along the pathway to the beach, with details on where dogs will be allowed. If you want to take your dog out for a day at the beach, you usually need to be aware of local rules.

Dogs on leash vs off-leash beaches

Not every beach that allows dogs in New Mexico is a designated dog beach. If you are unsure, you should assume that your dog must always be kept on a leash when on the sand, and they should be under the voice control of their owner. Under voice control means that dogs can come when called and stay within a few feet of their owner.

Even if the beach is an off-leash area for dogs, your dog may not bother other people or animals and must come when called. If you are not able to gain control of your dog, you need to leave the beach with your dog as soon as you can.

Dog beach etiquette

If there are no posted rules, you should follow these dog-beach etiquette guidelines. You must always clean up after your dog – no exceptions. Nearly all beaches provide baggies, but you should bring your own in case they run out.

Do not bring your dog to the dog beach if they do not have their proper vaccines, if they are in heat, or if they have never been socialized around other dogs.  You must keep your dog under control and respect the space of others. Always supervise your dog and never leave them unattended.